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Lovejoy Wildcats

Boys Basketball

1587 McDonough Road
Lovejoy,GA 30228
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2009-10 Region: 4-AAAAA
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Head Coach:  Rick Francis
Team Roster
Team Colors: Columbia Blue & Navy Blue
Overall Record: 17-12,  0.586
Region Record: 13-5,  0.722
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Nov 21Sat5:30 PMNorth Clayton (4-AAAA)Lost 63-67, ((L) solomon 28 pts)
Dec 04Fri7:30 PMEast Coweta (4-AAAAA)*Won 96-70, ((L) solomon 36 pts) Recap
Dec 11Fri8:30 PMRiverdale (4-AAAAA)*Won 71-61, ((L) mitchell 24 pts)
Dec 12Sat5:30 PMMorrow (4-AAAAA)*Won 74-69, (L-Mitchell 24) OppRecap
Dec 18Fri7:30 PMChapel Hill (4-AAAAA)*Won 68-31, ((L) solomon 23 C.H.Blakey 22)
Dec 19Sat McNair (5A-AAA)Won 63-42, (L-Solomon 27 pts) Recap
Dec 21Mon6:00 PMChamblee Charter (6A-AAAA)Lost 40-59, (mitchell 18 pts) OppRecap
Dec 22Tue Southwest DeKalb (6B-AAAA)Lost 48-58, (Chris Ashford 12pts)
Jan 01Fri4:00 PMLee High(hoops n overdrvie)Lost 50-63, (solomon 21 pts)
Jan 02Sat6:00 PMBrewTech(hoops n overdriveLost 50-57, (Tuoyo 9pts, 13blks solomon 25)
Jan 05Tue7:30 PMCreekside (4-AAAAA)*Lost 48-52, (OT) OppRecap
Jan 12Tue7:30 PMWestlake (4-AAAAA)*Lost 43-70
Jan 15Fri7:30 PMNewnan (4-AAAAA)*Lost 39-45, (Chris Ashford 15pts)
Jan 16Sat7:30 PMPebblebrook (4-AAAAA)*Won 71-63, (solomon 41 pts tuoyo7blks) Recap
Jan 19Tue7:30 PMEast Coweta (4-AAAAA)*Won 91-77, (solomon 31 pts) Recap
Jan 23Sat5:30 PMMorrow (4-AAAAA)*Won 66-58 Recap OppRecap
Jan 26Tue7:30 PMRiverdale (4-AAAAA)*Won 77-56, (solomon 26pts) Recap
Jan 29Fri7:30 PMPebblebrook (4-AAAAA)*Won 65-63, (mitchell 25pts 14 rebounds) Recap
Jan 30Sat5:30 PMNewnan (4-AAAAA)*Won 60-52, (solomon 32 points)
Feb 02Tue7:30 PMChapel Hill (4-AAAAA)*Won 60-40, (Merrit 10 pts)
Feb 05Fri7:30 PMCreekside (4-AAAAA)*Lost 79-82, (0T, Morris 26, Solomon 20) OppRecap
Feb 06Sat5:30 PMMundy's Mill (4-AAAAA)*Won 67-56, (Solomon 28, Morris 14) OppRecap
Feb 09Tue7:30 PMMundy's Mill (4-AAAAA)*Won 69-52, (/Solomon 30/Smith 21)
Feb 11Thu7:30 PMWestlake (4-AAAAA)*Lost 37-53
Feb 20Sat5:30 PMMundy's Mill (4-AAAAA)Won 81-55, (solomon 17/mitchell 13) Recap
Feb 22Mon5:30 PMPebblebrook (4-AAAAA)Won 88-70, (solomon 42 pts career high) Recap
Feb 23Tue8:30 PMWestlake (4-AAAAA)Lost 66-76
Feb 26Fri Coffee (1-AAAAA)Won 78-64, (mitchell 19, solomon29)
Mar 02Tue Groves (3-AAAAA)Lost 48-72 OppRecap
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